Beach Cleanup September 2016

Friday, September 30, 2016

KNES Beach Cleanup Event

Teamwork, energy and enthusiasm were evident in abundance from pupils at Kuwait National English School as they helped out at the annual Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and their Habitat beach clean-up. This was the 11th year that the event has taken place and it was a great celebration of the efforts of the Society and the pupils taking part to make a difference at the beach. Bashayer, the programme manager explained that the pupils would be helping to protect the important beach and mudflat environment for the Crab, Mud Skipper and Flamingo species that live in this habitat. Instructions were given on the safe way to remove all kinds of rubbish and waste from the beach, plastic, bottles, cartons and even a huge tyre stuck in the mud. The pupils worked really hard and filled many bags of waste and the beach looked clean and sandy by the time the event finished. The team of 16 pupils, supported by Miss Gaythree, Mr Gary, Mr Chris , Mr Shane, Mr Andrew, Mr Cyril and Miss Lindsay were all really pleased with the result and signed the pledge to continue to support the environment. Well done year 5 and 6.

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