Student Council Arm Wrestling Challenge

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Arm-Wrestling Challenge 2019-2020

The Student Council of academic year 2019-2020 had a thunderous opening to their activities for this year with an edge-of-the-seat, thrilling and highly competitive arm-wrestling challenge. The event was a runaway success. Short, sweet and well-organised would be the perfect way to describe this event and all merit goes to the student council members and council leaders, Ibrahim Al Hadiya, Retaj Al Shafei and Yousef Abdulrahman who were ably supported by the grade 12 students.

It was a competition that knew no boundaries of age, gender and size. Girls versus boys, seniors versus juniors, staff versus students and most importantly the highlight of the day, sister versus sister, where our sporting year 12 siblings Retaj and Rawan slugged it out in one of the most competitive pair-ups of the day. Eventually Rawan used her guile and technique to edge out her sister Retaj.

The most competitive match was between Pouya (year 12) and Nour Jamal (year 11) who were engaged in a fierce dual that lasted for a good 3 minutes until the judge called a draw.

The winners for the day:

Juniors:  Rakan Al Gharabally

Seniors: Mubarak Al Houti and Nour Jamal

Staff Winner: Mr. Mahmoud Fawzi

The audience enjoyed this event as was evident from the way they rooted and cheered for the contestants. The school Director Madame Chantal lent moral support to the event by her presence and was seen thoroughly enjoying and interacting with students. It was a fun event to kick-start the student council activities and we are all looking forward to a great and eventful year ahead.

 Well done to the student council.

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