Notice from School Administration Sept. 8th 2019

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Dear Parents,

After a few days of school operation this academic 2019-20, we are still experiencing entrance and exit of students from the different departments.

We want to remind you that all students for all departments should wear their badge in the morning for two more weeks.

Please note that Gate 7 will be shaded in two days.

We noticed that parents expect staff to be present at 6: 00 am in the morning while the school opens its gates at 7:00 am and classes starts at 7:15 am. In case parents wish to drop their child/ren, before the gates open, they have to drop them at Gate 5 which is shaded with fan and is a closed area. Nevertheless, Gate 5 will not be open before 6:45 am.

Students arriving late from Primary and Secondary will enter from Gate 5 open until 8:00 am.

Late pick up and students attending clubs (after school activities) or having classes after 2:30 pm will exit school premises from gate 5 and will wait their parents in this area.

Early Years After Care children will be picked up from the KG Garden.

We will keep you informed if any changes will occur.

Thank you in advance for understanding the above and for your cooperation.


Upper Management