Secondary Job Shadowing at KDD

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Kuwait National English School – Secondary Department

Job shadow at the Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company (KDD) (April 2019)

Falling in line with our Mission Statement and as part of our continuing effort to keep our students abreast with development in this world, our secondary students went on a Job shadow at the Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company (KDD) in Sabhan.

The Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company (KDD) is the longest established manufacturer and distributor of food and beverages in the Arabian Gulf. It was founded in 1960 and is based in Kuwait City, Kuwait. It offers dairy products, ice creams, fruit juices and drinks, and tomato paste; and culinary products, such as oil, sour creams, and butter.

Pasteurization of milk and other drinks preserved and keep the dairy products fresh and safe for a long time. During the process bacteria are killed and the shelf life of the item is prolonged. It involves heating the milk to a high temperature and then quickly cooling it before packaging it.

At Kuwait National English School we aim to enhance the opportunities available to all our students by carefully nurturing their academic life, positioning them for future successes in education and career. We provide more opportunities for our students to obtain real-world skills.

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