Early Years Trip to the Kuwait Aquarium 2019

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Kuwait National English School Early Years Children Visit the Kuwait Aquarium

The Early Years children visited the Kuwait Aquarium recently and were thrilled with all the displays and interesting Aquatic animals. The visit had quite a strong effect on the children as they asked questions about how the different species live and thrive.

They were treated to meeting an Iguana by the Aquarium staff and learned about its habitat, what it eats and how to handle them. The children had many very good questions and were very impressive with the care they took petting the animal.

The trip has led to many good conversations about Ocean life, pollution and the protection of animals of all varieties. The Aquarium also provided the children with the opportunity to colour their favourite fish and see their picture projected on to the wall.

We at KNES would like to thank the Kuwait Scientific Centre for providing such a rich and inviting exhibit for children to learn and talk about. As they grow and extend their exhibitions, we look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities they provide for personal growth and conversation. We encourage all our students at Kuwait National English School to become involved citizens and protect nature’s gifts from climate change, pollution and neglect.

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