Secondary Day at the Shuwaikh Power Station (M.E.W) for the Desalination of water

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Kuwait National English School – Secondary Department

Job shadow at the Shuwaikh Water Distillation Plant

Drinking water from Sea water

Falling in line with our mission to develop independent learners and as part of our continuing effort to keep our students abreast with development in this world, students from Kuwait National English School went on a Job shadow at the Shuwaikh Water Distillation plant during the month of April.

Three quarter of the earth surface is covered with water. Yet many people struggle to find supply of usable water.  The overall amount of water on the planet never changes, it is only the distribution of it that varies. The supply of usable water is increased through conservation, building dams, reservoirs, aqueducts, clean up of polluted water, recycling and desalination or desalting.  

Making sure that we have enough water in usable form and getting to where it is needed in Kuwait is the major objective of the Shuwaikh Power Station (M.E.W). Kuwait has been desalting sea water since 1949 and the first desalination plant in the Gulf was built in Kuwait. This process requires lots of energy and it is widely used in the Gulf where the abundance of oil makes the energy required affordable. Desalination means desalting sea water. The main practical use of desalination is by removing salt, minerals and other contamination to raise the quality of sea water to be used as safe drinking water. This process is used extensively in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  Various methods of desalination exist: one of the most common method of desalination is by distillation. Water is heated to the evaporation point which turns it into a vapour leaving salts and other minerals behind. Condensation converts the vapour into a purified liquid. Raising sea water to the quality of drinking water standard has no major environmental impact. 

The world supply of usable water is being overwhelmed by its rapid growing population, many countries are promoting conserving, recycling and desalting of water.

Students were keen to ask questions and they were impressed by the history of the Shuwaikh Water Distillation Plant. Kuwait National English School students greatly benefit from such trips as it helps them substantiate their theoretical learning with practical understanding. It will go a long way in achieving the school’s objectives of taking education beyond classrooms.

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