Year 3-6 Music Assembly March 2019

Monday, March 25, 2019

Primary Department - Year 3-6 Music Assembly – 25th March 2019

The Primary Department held a successful Key Stage 2 Music Assembly on Monday, 25 March 2019. Pupils from Year 3-6 performed exceptionally well and displayed their talents through class songs, solos and duets. Madame Chantal and staff were ecstatic at the polished performance and how well the children performed. The performances were upbeat and entertaining. The school director, Madame Chantal Al Gharabally, who thoroughly enjoyed the performance said: “I was so happy to see all of my students taking part, singing along and enjoying every moment of the performance.” The Assembly concluded with a “Bucket Drum” performance. The best students in music across Key Stage 2 were awarded best performance certificates.

In addition to certificates being awarded for Music, our very talented, enthusiastic and motivated pupils were also awarded certificates, medals and trophies for their outstanding performance in various sporting competitions under the auspices of KFSAC.

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