Transition Day for Reception to Year One

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Reception to Year One Transition

As the school year is rapidly drawing to a close, it is time for our Reception to Year 1 transition sessions which allow the experience to be a lot less daunting for our Reception pupils. The children will settle better into Year 1 when the transition between the classes is gradual. We recently arranged for our Reception children to spend some time in a Year 1 classroom and to allow them to become more familiar with this part of the school building so the environment isn’t completely unknown to them. The children can identify the difference between the Primary and the Reception classrooms and recognise some of the Year 1 teachers.

We paired the children up with buddies who are there to help support and reassure them. The children in Reception took their story books up to the Year 1 classrooms and read to their buddies. They then discussed the best/worst part of the stories, discussed alternative endings and wrote a sentence to show what they talked about. The Year 1 pupils supported the Reception children when needed. The children in Year 1 then read their stories to the Reception children and asked questions to gauge their understanding and to encourage communication with new and unfamiliar friends. All children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and are excited for their next visit.

We hope to help our children to the Year 1 environment and as always prepare them for the future.

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