Secondary Sports Day Challenge 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Kuwait National English School - Secondary Sports Day

Kuwait National English School Secondary Sports Day took place on Thursday March 14, 2019. Once again, sports day arrives at the Kuwait National English School - a fun event that is always eagerly awaited. The day was wet and warm creating a lovely ambience. The students were given the opportunity to compete to the best of their ability and they approached the competition enthusiastically. The activities for the day included basketball, handball, races, sack race, challenges, handball, badminton, volleyball and the famous tug of war.

All the secondary students were divided into four houses: Durham (yellow), Cambridge (red), London (Blue) and Oxford (Green). Both the boys and the girls competed hard and also with sportsmanship, recognising the skill and work rate of the opposition.  It was also very good to see so many students had improved their overall level of skill and in particular their game play showing a good understanding and awareness of tactics. It was particularly good to see the boys and girls respond so well to various events, working so hard.

All day, students were busy competing and at the end of the day the winners were rewarded with prizes. They were very competitive and their enthusiasm was infectious. Through good players and team spirit, the Red team (Cambridge) were the overall winners. The best male athlete was Seif Al Sawas (Year 9) & the outstanding female participant was Patricia El Haddad (Year 7).

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