Secondary School Trip To Hong Kong March 2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Kuwait National English School Secondary Trip to -Hong Kong

March 2019

The Secondary Students of Kuwait National English School  recently visited Hong Kong as part of our mission to help our students to develop a greater understanding of the world by seeing and experiencing life in one of the most dynamic and interesting cities in the world. The following is a brief description of the highlights of the trip.

When the group arrived in Hong Kong the students were immediately taken on the Dragon Pearl Cruise around the wonderful Hong Kong and Kowloon Harbor areas. The cruise perfectly showed what a fantastic and colourful skyline the city has at night. The views were remarkable and made an immediate impression on all who were present. The students dined on the Cruise and then returned the Harbor area to walk around and experience the atmosphere and night life of this part of Hong Kong.

On the following day after breakfast the group embarked upon the Hong Kong City Tour with our knowledgeable guide Jenni, who highlighted all major attractions and who informed us all about what life was like in the city for its 8 million inhabitants and how it had developed since the handover to China in 1997.

We visited the Waterfront area where a picture was taken of us all in front of Hong Kong’s greatest martial artist, Bruce Lee.  We also saw the handprints that are on display of all the major Hong Kong film stars such as Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

The group then went to one of the oldest family owned Jewellers in Hong Kong, who have been a centre that is famous for making exotic jewellery from local materials such as jade and pearls for many years. We were given a tour and talk about how the jewellery was made and then shown the finished articles which in some instances were over a million pounds.

From the city we then travelled to Victoria Peak which has the best views of Hong Kong due to its elevated position. This was once the preserve of the ruling British elite and when you visit you can clearly see why, the air is very fragrant and very fresh, the temperature is cooler as you are immersed in a jungle canopy at the highest point of Hong Kong. With wild flowers and birds singing everywhere, views are breath-taking and on a clear day and you can see for miles. We then returned to the city and spent some time walking around looking at the sights and sounds of Hong Kong as night fell.

The following day we visited Disneyland, where the group spent all day enjoying the rides and activities that were available. Everyone had a most exciting day on the roller coasters and extensive park rides.  The group also viewed the procession of Disney characters and thoroughly had a good time together.

For our final day the group went to the city and walked around some of the oldest and best preserved parts of Hong Kong visiting the Flower Market and Bird Markets hence getting an impression of the lifestyle and traditions of Hong Kong Chinese. The rest of the day was spend exploring this great city.

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