Primary Sports Day Challenge 2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Kuwait National English School Primary Sports Days

Kuwait National English School Primary Department celebrated its Annual Sports Days for KS1 on Monday, 11th March and KS2 on Tuesday and Wednesday, 12th March and 13th March respectively. The focus was on Dodgeball, Benchball, Obstacle Course, Basketball and other P.E Games. The children all participated with gusto and behaved impeccably. Activities tested the pupils’ skills, motor control, vision, awareness, speed, dynamic balance etc. and allowed children to display some of the skills they have learnt in P.E.

Overall, the Sports Days were designed to get all pupils active whilst enjoying the challenge of competing against their peers and working in teams. Pupils at Kuwait National English School thoroughly enjoyed all activities and a good spirit of sportsmanship prevailed amongst all participants throughout the day. The values of success and failure are an invaluable lesson experienced by all and the ability to perpetuate it in all aspects of school and outside life. The winning teams received the trophy for best overall performance.

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