Secondary Mathematics Quiz Challenge 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019

Kuwait National English School – Secondary Department

Annual Mathematics Challenge (March 2019)

Kuwait National English School is committed to improving the academic performance of all our students. As mathematics skills are important both for careers and for university success, we annually hold our Secondary Mathematics Quiz. The final round of the secondary Mathematics quiz was successfully organised on Monday Night.

During the previous week, Kuwait National English School Pupils were quizzed among their year group using different mathematics activities. In the preliminary competitions, which took place in their various classrooms, the individual students completed different range of activities including mathematical puzzles and written tests on worded problems. These activities were designed with the aim of challenging the intellectual curiosity of the students as well as enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of the various concepts of mathematics.

Following the elimination rounds in the classrooms, we were able to identify our best candidates in mathematics from each year group to compete. The final round of the Mathematics Quizzes took place in the school Theatre on Monday at 6:30 pm. Parents were invited to attend the final round and support the great accomplishment of their child/children.   During the final round of the challenge, Year 8B beat five other Year 7 and 8 groups to emerge the winners of the 2019 Mathematics competition held at Kuwait National English School. Year 7A snatched the second position With 8C and 7B placing third and fourth positions respectively.

Addressing the competitors, a member of the Management Team of Kuwait National English School stressed on the importance of mathematics and thereby advised the students to take their mathematics lessons seriously. He further highlighted that the activities used in the competition are part of the British National Curriculum, and that such activities seek to engage the students in meaningful learning practices which could provide them with academically and practically balanced experiences within and beyond the formal curriculum. The member also reiterated on the school’s vision in promoting independent learning skills across all year groups. We strongly believe that such skill, when developed, not only prepare pupils for universities but also equip them with the lifelong skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. Certificates of participation were awarded to all the competitors and trophies to the winners.

In the closing remarks, the Head of Secondary and the Curriculum coordinator thanked the parents and staff for attending the event and praised the students for the confidence that they have built up as the academic year has gone by.

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