Job Shadowing at Al Ghanim Automotives

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Job Shadow at Al Ghanim Automotives

Kuwait National English School undertook a Job Shadow session at Al Ghanim Automotive on the 21st of February, 2019. The event was organized with INJAZ and students of year 11 were involved in the 3 hour session. It was a positive work experience session and students were introduced to a myriad of business functioning and behind-the-scene activities of a car service centre that is the largest of its kind in the Gulf region.  An interesting topic was the Human Resources department which encouraged the students to undertake Business as a career choice and maybe find employment at Al Ghanim in the near future. The HR Coordinator Ms. Mariedel Genil introduced the HR department. Mr. Abdulhadi AL Mousawi, Public Relations Manager who was in charge of the Job Shadow session was impressed by the students’ questions and complimented the students on their awareness of many aspects of business. Students also learned the organizational structure of AL Ghanim Automotives.

Students then had a tour of the service centre, which receives more than 1000 cars per day. The students got to see the cars being serviced, the painting section and the logistics department. One thing that the students observed was the friendly atmosphere that prevailed in the company and how managers and subordinates interacted with each other. The waiting lounge area was a highlight of the day. Later in the day students went to the inventory section and were introduced to how the company managed their inventory.

At the end of the session, school student council ,Head boy Ibrahim AL Hadiya,  Head girl Retaj Al Shafei, School Prefect Bader Saab, Qais Al Alami and Pouya Masjedi spoke about their Job Shadow experience. All in all, students benefitted immensely from the trip and have gained valuable information that can be linked to their study of business and accounting.

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