Early Years Trip to the Kuwait Zoo 2019

Monday, February 18, 2019

Kuwait National English School Early Years Trip to the Kuwait Zoo

The Early Years children went on a field trip to the Kuwait Zoo recently. As part of the children’s learning in science and the environment they were able to see and talk about all the different kinds of animals as well as their Habitats.

The Kuwait Zoo gives the children a unique opportunity to learn and talk about things that interest them and questions they have. It also offers the children the opportunity to learn how to behave in public. This is an area that the children of Kuwait National English School excel at. Their behaviours are exemplary, from the way, they interact with each other and their respect for the environment they are in. The children were so excited all day but also maintained their skills at being polite, cleaning up after themselves and respecting the animals at the Zoo.

Kuwait National English School would like to thank the Kuwait Zoo for maintaining this great resource for children to learn!

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