Halloween Charity Day in Secondary

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween and Charity Bake Sale Day

A Halloween Costume Day and a Bake Sale for charity were the highlights on October 31st 2018. The student Council organized the two events as part of their activities for this academic year. Students from early years to secondary were dressed in creepy costumes and painted faces in keeping with the day’s theme. Students were able to raise a good amount that will go towards charity. Prizes were awarded for the best Halloween costume as well as for the Best Door display.

Results for Halloween competition (October 2018)


Best decorated classroom


Year 10A, Room B22

Form Tutor: Mr. Guillaume


Year 7A, Room B19

Form Tutor: Mr. Yassar Ameer


Year 12 & 13, Room B18

Form Tutor: Ms. Gabriella Eastwood


Best  Costume


Sarah Abukamar 7C(Minion Zombie)


Mariam   9A (Urban Legend)


Shamlan 8B (Clown)

Bader Saab 12


In keeping with tradition it was wonderful to see all the students actively involved in this event. This has been yet another successful day organized by the student body.

Kuwait National English School as always has once again shown what a good student body is capable of achieving. Hats off to our Student leaders for a fantastic Bake Sale and Halloween’s and expect more from them in the coming days.