Primary and Secondary Halloween Celebrations 2018

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween celebrations at KNES

Kuwait National English School celebrated Halloween on Wednesday 31st October 2018. Students were encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to choose outfits as it was non-school uniform day. Pupils came in dressed as witches, ghosts, zombies princesses, Super Heroes and many other entertaining and inventive characters fit for the day.

At Kuwait National English School, events such as Halloween are valued and celebrated as we believe it creates an entertaining, interactive and a stimulating working environment for the pupils. In addition, we use this day to donate money to notable charities such as Cancer Research which is a significant reason for hosting events as such. Alongside wearing non-school uniform, students were encouraged to donate a sum of their wish to Cancer Research, and a significant amount of students contributed. In the past we have also raised noteworthy sums for causes/charities we believe in.

In addition, Secondary school students arranged a bake sale, with a variety of delicious treats such as doughnuts, cupcakes, candies and various other mouther-watering delicacies whereby all contributions were also donated to charity.

Classrooms were decorated with colourful, spooky and humorous decorations on this day, and during break time students enjoyed figuring out one another’s character/outfit. Some teachers also surprised their students by dressing up which was really entertaining.  

Kuwait National English continues to promote and encourage a fun, creative and motivating working environment with the mission of establishing a generation of students that are exceptionally successful.

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