EYFS Teddy Bear PIcnic 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Early Years Teddy Bear Picnic

The Early Years Children of Kuwait National English School recently celebrated a special day, “The Teddy Bear Picnic”. This special day allowed children to interact with each other in a fun and imaginative way. The children wore their pajamas and brought along their favourite toy to school. They had a fantastic day, expanding their imagination and sharing with each other the things that make them the happiest and safe.

The children also were able to take advantage of the improving weather to have an outdoor picnic in our Garden area. They participated in some Art activities and music to connect their communication to a story they are presently exploring, “Bear Hunt”!

At Kuwait National English School, we strive to provide children any opportunity we can to give each of our children the chance to combine imagination, communication and academics. A strong foundation in Social, Emotional and Communication is the key to a successful future!

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