Primary Trip to Kidzania October 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Primary School Trip to Kidzania

The Primary School department is pleased to have arranged a trip to Kidzania on Tuesday 16th October 2018, which left students thrilled with joy and pleasure which was equally educational and challenging.  

Kuwait National English School is keen to keep up the Primary department’s yearly visit to Kidzania, as it empowers students in an engaging experience that builds character and aids in educational growth.  Kidzania provides role-playing opportunity for kids, which is an inspiring opportunity for them to experiment various fun and challenging occupations such as doctors, lawyers, dentist’s, pilots and many more. The children were able to use their maths knowledge to ensure that they managed their Kidzania finances. In addition, this trip encouraged them to develop their teamwork and communication skills. Children were also able to advance their navigational and organisational skills to complete true to life tasks such as acquiring a driving licence and preparing insurance documents.

KNES continues to encourage and uphold the importance of out of school activities, trips and events to enhance student development, motivation and knowledge.

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