Early Years Rainbow Day 2018

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Early Years Rainbow Day

The Early Years children at Kuwait National English School try to find a way to explore with excitement any topic or theme. Recently the children celebrated Rainbow Day and it was a great success, which can be accredited to the energy of the students and the participation of their teachers.

The children explored colours and the many aspects of colours. They examined how colours change when mixed with other colours. They talked about how colours made them feel. They also recognized that colours had different meanings too each of them. The children also used the day to dress in ways that allowed them to express themselves through colour.

Although it may seem like a simplistic topic, the young children really enjoyed it and were able to share much with each other. Part of education for young children is getting them to express themselves and that was very evident during the whole day and the response they gave their parents that evening.

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