Reception Summer Concert 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


                                                               Kuwait National English School, Early Years Reception Summer Concert 2018

The Reception children of KNES held their Summer Concert on Wednesday May 9th in the school theatre. The theatre was packed with parents, friends and staff and it was hard to figure out who was having a better time…..the audience or the children.

The theme of the concert was “Bring it On!” The night was celebrating the development of the children during their time in Early Years and the empowerment they feel to take on strange and new challenges. The Reception children have developed very good personality traits over the past 2 years and have been encouraged to approach new tasks and new situations with confidence and thought. The evening was a tremendous success and the children were AMAZING!

Although we teach the children to be strong and independent we equally encourage the children to be socially responsible. They have an obligation to both themselves and also to others, near and far.

As the children move on next year to Primary, they have proven they will do so with extraordinary academic and personal skills, ready take on the next phase of their education!

We at Kuwait National English School take great pride in these children and strongly believe they have achieved what few children their age have.

Congratulations children and we will be there to support you as you move on to new and bigger challenges!

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