Early Years International Day 2018

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

             Kuwait National English School Early Years Children Celebrate International Day

                                                                    Spanish Day 2018

The Early Years children of Kuwait National English School recently celebrated its annual International day. As a British International School and a member of UNESCO, the school has a special focus on children celebrating and understanding different cultures and ethnicities.  It is our goal that the children at Kuwait National English School build globally responsible personalities and are able to engage on the World Stage.

The Early Years children this year concentrated on learning about Spain. The children engaged in a variety of activities over the week and culminated in a special day where they came dressed in traditional Spanish Costumes and learned some of the unique characteristics of Spain.

It was actually a very fun day for the children as they dressed as Matadors, Spanish Dancers, Football players and even Zorro amongst some other unique costumes. The children left school on this day as excited as they came to school and were able to share a lot of information with their parents.

Thanks to our parents for the ongoing support!

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