KNES Secondary Trip to Greece

Friday, April 6, 2018

                                            KUWAIT NATIONAL ENGLISH SCHOOL

                                    EDUCATIONAL FIELD TRIP TO GREECE (April 2018)

The long awaited visit to the cradle of western civilization finally became a reality on the 28th of March 2018, when our students from Kuwait National English School accompanied by  staff members travelled to Greece. It was a unique and one-of-a kind experience. Greece, where the ancient and the modern merge in perfect harmony is a traveller’s delight. Cradled by mountains on all sides and the waters of many seas forming an extended coastline Greece offers you a remarkable experience.

With 15 UNESCO approved world heritage sites, the most of any country in the world, there is never a shortage of places to visit and monuments to admire.

Greece is the land of ancient gods and goddesses and the country has many standing temples dedicated to these deities, the most famous being the Parthenon in Athens and the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

The first day kicked off with a visit to the Acropolis in Athens, where stands the awe-inspiring Parthenon; the temple dedicated to the goddess Athena after who Athens is named. With rapt attention and admiration students listened to the story of the construction and the history behind it.

Day 2 was a long but fun drive to Olympia. The drive offered mesmerizing views of mountains and valleys all along with a stopover at the breath-taking Corinth Canal. Later students visited the site of the first Olympics. The ruins stand as a monument to the great sporting culture of Ancient Greece and students marvelled at the perfect and thoughtful layout of an ancient Olympic Stadium.

An interesting part was the visit to the Olive oil processing house where students were introduced a wide range of olive oils and olives of all shades and hue. Students quickly made purchases of various varieties of Olives and honey for family and friends.

Other unique places of interest included Mycenae which was an ancient Greek military stronghold located on a hill. Later the students headed to Delphi to visit the temple of Apollo and the place which was once home to a great Oracle.

Finally, the last 2 days were spent in the small and sleepy town of Kalampaka, where the great rock formations, The Meteora stand tall and formidable. These awe-inspiring rock-formations are home to the last remaining six monasteries out of twenty-four. These monasteries, sitting serene on top of the rock formations are indeed straight out of fantasy. Students enjoyed the climb to the top of the cliffs to take a look at the life of the monks and nuns living there.

In addition to historical knowledge students also got to have some fun time at Allou, the theme park situated in Athens. An evening stroll in the city of Athens was relaxing and rewarding.

The trip was truly memorable and once again Kuwait National English School is a leader in organizing such travels for our students to have a wider perspective of the world and its rich history. This not only enriches their minds but also imbibes a spirit of understanding and oneness. This trip will greatly enhance our school’s mission of producing enlightened global citizens. Over the last many years we have had such trips to Spain, France, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Bahrain and Dubai to name a few. The Greece trip is another feather that can rightly be added to this impressive list. We look forward to a new adventure next year.  

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