Secondary Sports Day 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

Kuwait National English School Secondary Sports Day Monday 20th March 2018

Once again sports day arrives at the Kuwait National English School. An event that is always eagerly awaited. The day was dry and warm but not so hot that the students could not compete to the best of their ability. They approached the competition enthusiastically

The activities for the day included football, basketball, handball and capture the flag.

Year 8 were taking part in periods 1 and 2 with the presentation at the end in the gym.

Both the boys and the girls competed hard and also with sportsmanship recognising the skill and work rate of the opposition.  It was also very good to see how so many students had improved their overall level of skill and in particular their game play showing a good understanding  and awareness of tactics. Saif in Year 8 was particularly good beating many opponents in the football and scoring a number of goals. The Blue team were the winners.

Year 9 took part in period 4 and were also very good, making the most of the time they had and competing very hard. The red team were the winners.

Finally came the year 7’s period 5/6.

They were very competitive and there enthusiasm was infectious. They also had shown a very good improvement in skill level and awareness of tactics. It was particularly good to see the girls respond so well to the event and work so hard.

The blue team were the winners.

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