Primary Sports Day Challenges 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

Primary Sports Day 2018

Over the past few weeks each of the years in Primary have been taking part in their Sports Day.

Every year group was divided into 4 different colours, Red Yellow Blue and Green. They were greeted in the gym before moving off to take part in the activities.

The activities included , bench ball, uni hockey, tag chase, bean bag grab , basketball shooting, hockey and rope jumping.

Once the students had completed one activity they would then go on to the next one and over the morning would take part in every activity. The activities challenged the students with balance, coordination speed and endurance.

Every activity was approached with enthusiasm and determination but there was also much smiling, laughter, enjoyment and enthusiasm shown.

The students also showed a very good level of skill and team work. There were many baskets scored and goals scored in the hockey.

At the end of the morning all of the students assembled in the gym for the awarding of medals. It was explained that it was important to have enjoyed the activities but also to have taken part to the best of their ability and to have worked hard for their team. The final standings were very close and showed how evenly matched the activities and teams were.

You can view pictures of the different sports day in the Photo Gallery of the website