Hawally Fire Department visit the Early Years Children of KNES

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Early Years Children are Visited by the Hawally Fire Department.

The Early Years children of Kuwait National English School were very happy to be visited by the Hawally Fire department. The brave fire fighters took time out of their busy day to come speak to the children about Firemen and Fire Safety.

They spoke with all the children and asked them many questions and the children had a lot to say. The Firemen took the time to show the children Fire Safety clothing and also how to use the Fire hoses to put out the fires.

The Firemen were absolutely wonderful with the children and they were excited right into the next day.

We at Kuwait National English School cannot thank the Hawally Fire Department enough for taking the time to make the connections with the school and the children and help build relationships and understanding with our Community Helpers.

What the Firemen do is dangerous and they risk their lives every day for all of us. It is important that the children understand this and know how to react in dangerous situations.

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