Saturday, March 17, 2018



Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) hosted its fourth mathematics competition in Mishref, Kuwait. This event has been growing steadily over the last four years and this year, 16 schools attended. Our Kuwait National English School team won in second position overall and we were first place among the British Schools, who participated in the challenge.

Kuwait National English School attended and participated this year for the first time, fielding a team of four students from the Secondary Department: Ahmed Ali Abdelhalim, Mahnoor Ali, Fawzi Shtiwaiy and Saif Mohamed. The competition was divided into three parts - an individual round, a team round and a quick fire final buzzer round taking the top 5 students from the first round. Kuwait National English School can take pride that our students made it through to the final round and did steal the show. The team spirit was remarkable from our students.

The quick fire round was a nail biting event, where Kuwait National English School beat two other schools to go head to head in the final, answering quickly and correctly seven challenging mathematical questions. The speed, accuracy and temperament under pressure, impressed the judges and audience alike. In the final, Kuwait National English School was placed against AIS. It was down to the last 3 questions to decide the winner. Both contestants tried their best. However, It did not go unnoticed by the judges, the audience and the other candidates that Kuwait National English School had answered more questions than their opponents, show casing skill and ability to perform well under pressure and demonstrate sound mathematical knowledge.

Kuwait National English School was the name on everyone’s lips with judges, teachers from other schools and students rushing up to congratulate the young talented students from KNES and wanting to be photographed with them. 

Kuwait National English School can hold their heads high and proudly say that during their first appearance at this event that they made a strong impression on their peers from other schools and were not far short of winning first prize. It should also be noted that the questions were weighted towards the American curriculum, making use, in some instance of unfamiliar mathematical notation. This is a further testament to the strength and versatility shown by our students in using their mathematical skills to recognise and solve problems. Well done and congratulation to our winning team comprising of Saif, Fawzi, Ahmed and Mahnoor.

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