English Quiz 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 2018



March 07, 2018, witnessed this year’s annual English quiz at the Kuwait National English School. Keeping with recent tradition, this year’s bumper edition was enthralling, thrilling and highly competitive, as our keen students from years 6 to 10 participated with such enthusiasm and fierce competition, while jostling for the coveted medals and cups for the overall key stage winners.

Activities on the day ranged from testing our students proficiency in grammar, linguistic devices, lexis and structure, word classes as well as critical thinking skills. The students were pushed to the limit and at the end of the day, we had worthy winners in every year group. The big winners of the day were Alia Al Gharabally (overall winner for the primary school) and Qais Alami (overall winner for secondary school).

The school Director gave a moving speech about the day and the importance of Literacy to an appreciative English department and student populace. This was supported by speeches from Qais Alami and Retaj Al shafei (both in year 10). They focused on the importance of English Language in their educational careers and how their confidence in public speaking and debates have been enhanced by participation in extra curricular activities in English Language such as the quiz and other activities like book reviews and classroom speaking activities.

The quiz was not only a fun activity for the students but also, an educational lesson were valuable skills in spelling strategies and critical thinking were imparted to our students.

At Kuwait National English School, we proactively strive to enhance life long skills for our students through the classroom as well organising educational and vocational activities outside the classroom that nurture our students and prepare them for future academic and career successes.