Secondary Department Updates on Events

Friday, February 23, 2018

Kuwait National English School – Secondary Department

Dear Secondary Parents,

National Day and Liberation Day of Kuwait

This year, we are celebrating Kuwait’s 57th National Day and 27th Liberation Day. Kuwait independence was declared on June 19, 1961. The National Day is followed on the 25th of February since 1961. This time it is 57th year of celebration. Every year (since 1991) aside from the National Day, Kuwait also celebrates Liberation Day every 26th of February.

National Day and Liberation of Kuwait are celebrated at Kuwait National English School. KNES conducts flag raising ceremonies, National Anthem and cultural events. Students perform various activities in the event. Our campus is adorned with flags and strings of lights. It is also a special day when we all get together to thank and remember our great freedom fighters who fought to ensure that we have a free Kuwait in honour of the country’s independence from Iraq after the first Gulf War.

United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Challenge 2018 (from the University of Leeds)

Through the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT), Mathematics competitions have continued in the United Kingdom and abroad for several decades. UKMT advances the education of young adults in mathematics worldwide. Students from Kuwait National English School regularly take part in the challenge and we are very pleased to congratulate Ali Qambar, Fawzi Shtiwaiy & Norah Al Roudan for their outstanding results in the UKMT Challenge 2018. Special Certificates have been awarded to Ali, Fawzi and Norah for their exceptional performance in the UKMT challenge 2018.

GUST 4th High School Mathematics Competition:

The competition, which brought together the private and public schools in Kuwait, aims to promote the importance of mathematics among the youth across the country through a friendly competition that utilizes their skills. The following four students from Kuwait National English School have been selected to participate in this challenge on the 17th of March 2018: Saifeldin Mohamed, Fawzi Shtiwaiy, Ahmed Abdelhalim & Mahnoor Ali.

Secondary Graduation 2018 (Thursday April 12, 2018):

Kuwait National English School will hold the Secondary Graduation in the Al Farabi School Theatre on Thursday, the 12th of April 2018. Secondary Graduation is always a proud day for parents and students alike. Completing high school education is certainly an achievement that parents and students should be proud of. Now that the Graduation ceremony is getting closer, our students are looking forward to graduate and begin a brand new adventurous journey.


Reregistration for the next academic year (2018 – 2019) is in progress. The school is making giant strides towards overall improvement in all spheres (academic, enrichment program, upgraded facilities etc.) and there is no better time to reserve a place than now. Please register your child to secure a place for the next academic year.

Once again, congratulations on National Day and wish you all a happy celebration!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Raouf Khodabocus, BSc, MSc, PhD, FCIC, FCSC (Canada)                                              February 20, 2018

Head of Secondary, Kuwait National English School