EalyYears Trip to the Zoo 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018


             Kuwait National English School Early Years Trip to the Kuwait Zoo

The Early Years Children of Kuwait National English School recently visited the Kuwait Zoo. They really enjoyed themselves and were quite excited to see all the animals. The children are still talking about the animals they saw and asking questions about them. The Elephant enclosure is currently blocked off and the children were disappointed not to see the elephants but the giraffes quickly made them change focus.

Kuwait National English School would like to thank the staff at the Kuwait Zoo for maintaining its facilities and providing a community outlet for schools and children to be engaged with. Trips to the zoo provide, especially young children, opportunities to be excited and want to communicate with others their excitement.                                                              

Although there were several schools at the zoo, we were very proud of our children and the exemplary behaviour they showed well out in the community. They showed thoughtfulness and kindness and also respect for their environment. Parents should feel very proud of their children!

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