Drama Production "Oliver Twist"

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

                                                          OLIVER TWIST at

                                        KUWAIT NATIONAL ENGLISH SCHOOL

At Kuwait National English School besides academic excellence, developing talents in Music and Drama is part of the mission.

The Drama and the Music Departments of Kuwait National English School produced in the school theatre of Hawally Oliver Twist based on Charles Dickens Novel. This novel described the sad and black side of the society in UK in the 19th century when children especially orphans like Oliver were working, badly treated and abused.

Anyhow, after misadventures there is a happy ending in the drama play when Oliver finds his true family and will be able to enjoy a normal life for his young age.

The audience was thrilled by the excellence of the performance from the cast and the whole choir.

Congratulations to the Drama and Music Departments from Kuwait National English School.

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