Secondary Science Fair Jan 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

                    Kuwait National English School

            2018 Annual Science and Technology Fair


Kuwait National English School, Hawally, celebrated its best ever 2018 Annual Science and Technology Fair on January 31, 2018 in the newly renovated Al Farabi Theatre. The theme of the event was “Reduced Plastic Use”.

Plastic is a material that lasts forever, yet 33 percent of all plastics are used just once and thrown away.  Only 9% of all plastics are recycled and surprisingly straws cannot be recycled due to their small size and lack of a resin code. Environmental problems caused by plastics is huge and in many countries governments are taking actions.

At Kuwait National English School, high-profile campaigns to cut down on plastics have led to a surge in our pupils awareness of the damage caused by single-use plastics and the worldwide environmental concern has also been discussed and debated. Some easy ways to reduce plastic waste in our every day life are: Stop using plastic straws, use a reusable produce bag,  give up chewing gum, buy products in boxes instead of bottles, using a reusable bottle or mug for beverages, use matches instead of disposable plastic lighters, avoid excessive food packaging and cut down on disposable cutlery. Our students have noticed how just a few small changes in our habits can have a big impact on the amount of plastic we use on a day-to-day basis.

The event started by a full school assembly during which Madame Chantal Al Gharabally, School Director, addressed the student body and stressed the importance of Science and Technology to the young generation. Her speech was centered on philosophical thoughts towards ethics in science through various examples and simple hints about how to reduce plastic use. Additionally, Madame commented on the importance of Research in Science and Technology to enthuse students to think about the advantages of a science oriented career and scientific research.

The format of the Science and Technology fair was altered this year to enable more active participation from each student. Each year group began with PowerPoint presentations on Reduce Plastic use by students using the updated school facilities and they were judged by a panel of experienced teachers. They were very interesting and informative.  This was followed with Science Projects presented on A1 Posters with various teams of students made from each year group. Students from each year group were competing among themselves to show their understanding about how to reduce plastic use in Kuwait. At the end of the day, winners were rewarded with prizes and medals.


The winners for the Annual Science and Technology Fair 2018 were:

Projects & Posters winners:

Year 6A: Nebal  Rabie, Nour Anwar, Sherif Muhanna, Jana Mowafy & Hashim Al Gharabally.

Year 6B: Moaaz Hassan, Meshari Al Shammari, Andrew Khaila, Bader Al Enezi & Omar Khamis.

Year 6C: Hamzah Abdel Khader, Shahad Awad, Fahad Al Shammari & Helyn Shafiei Ghanavati.

Year 7 overall winner - 7A won out of All the Year 7.  Year 7A Winners: Mariam  Eslam El Rahawan, Lujain Alaedin Al Alami, Dala Salah Marafi & Jana Yousef.

Year 8 overall winner: 8C won out of all the Year 8. Year 8C winners: Jasem Abul, Mohamed Sadik, Fares Dashti, Bader Al Hubaishi & Mehdi Gholam Masjedi.

Year 9 overall winner: 9A won out of all the Year 9. Year 9A winners: Habiba Shahin, Malak Tahon, Dana Al Kandari, Nour Anwar, Ali Jamal and Lynn Halwani.


Outstanding Power point presentation winners:

Year 6 winner: 6C was the overall winner. Year 6c winners are:  Marwan Zarzora, Merah Al Khatib, Sarah Khodabocus & Faisal Al Rashid.

Year 7 winner: 7B was the overall winner. Year 7B winners are: Basheer Bashar Daboul,  Arwa  Shehab, Salman Murad & Omar M. Eraky.

Year 8 winner: 8C was the overall winner. Year 8C winners are: Khaled  Saad, Essa Aboud,  Fahad  Al Enezi,  Dherar Al Ali and Abdulaziz Al Koomany.

Year 9 winner: 9A was the overall winner. Year 9A winners are: Huda A. Al Wazzan, Batool T. Hasan and Barak M. Al Manea.


            The Kuwait National English School Science fair was an excellent event that showcased the successes of our students. The school has invested extensively in Science and Technology over the last few years and this event is very encouraging to see this realized in the enthusiasm and achievement of the Primary and Secondary Departments.

Madame Chantal Al Gharabally, School Director, and the team of Science & Technology teachers from the entire school have been holding the event each year since 1998 as a way to develop students’ skills and interest in the subjects of Science and Technology. This interest is obviously building as each year students seem to get an earlier start on their Projects and researches in order to know everything they can about their science topic before the fair begin.

The Student Council commented that the event was extremely enjoyable and during which students were made aware of the problems associated with the use of plastic and its danger to our environment.

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