Secondary Studetnts Learning about Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kuwait National English School Business Studies students Educational Trip

Franchising as a form of business organization is increasingly popular worldwide and more so in Kuwait where the demand for international brands in high. To better understand the concept of franchising, branding and customer service the year 10 business studies students embarked on a field trip to Slim Chicken and Wendy’s on Wednesday 29th November 2017. It turned out to be a fantastic experience for the students and in their own words, “one of the most exciting, educational and learning “trips that the school has had. The students were given a warm welcome by the Brand Manager of Slim Chicken, Mr. Sten. He give a detailed presentation of the brand and how it evolved over the years and also the start-up in Kuwait. Students got to see the behind-the scenes activity in the kitchen area and also understood various aspects of stock management, inventory control and hygiene.

Wendy’s was a fun filled learning experience as the students were in for some exciting activities. In addition to being able to have their ice-cream the students saw hoe orders were taken and displayed and how these orders were followed up in the kitchen. Students not only observed but also got to make their own fries, burgers and salads. The restaurant manager Mr. Mohammed ElSharkawy gave a brilliant presentation of the entire working of a busy restaurant outlet. All the students keenly listened and took part in all the activities. Overall, the day was very positive and provided the opportunity for our students to look at franchising as a form of business in a whole new light. We are thankful to Slim Chicken and Wendy’s for their time as well as to INJAZ for organizing this wonderful learning trip.