Year 12 Student recieves Outstanding Results

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kuwait National English School is proud to announce that Khalid Al Huawaishel (YR 12) has achieved an outstanding score (118 out of 120) in his Edexcel IAL Biology Exam in January 2016.

Reflections from Khalid Al Huwaishel

Biology is my most favourite subject which I pursue enthusiastically during term time and holidays. To broaden my knowledge and understanding of what I learn at school, I spend time researching quite extensively. I am proud to say that my family and friends consider me as a reliable source in clarifying health and medical issues.

Learning is an on-going process and I am always willing and ready to continue my passion in this field.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr Abdul Majeed, my Biology teacher who has been teaching me for more than five years. I really appreciate his continuous support.

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