Primary Assembly on Climate Change

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Primary Assembly- 5th October 2017

At Kuwait National English School, educating the whole child is at the forefront of our education policy. We place great emphasis on inculcating strong leadership qualities as well as responsibility in our pupils. When pupils leave the doors of Kuwait National English School at the end of KS5, we ensure that they are ready to take their rightful place in society. Thursday’s KS2 Assembly saw the election of the Primary Department Student Council, Prefects and Litter Monitors. Pupils from Year 6 were chosen as prefects whilst Year 5 pupils were chosen as Litter Monitors. Part of the role function of our prefects is to assist teachers on playground duty and act as role models to other pupils. They also represent the Primary Department on the Student Council and are the voice of the Primary Pupils.

We are also very passionate about our environment and ‘Taking care of our Earth Home’ as stated in our school’s mission statement. Our school is also very proud to announce that we are the only private school in Kuwait to have been chosen by UNESCO Headquarters in Paris to be part of their Climate Change Project, which is incorporated into our curriculum. As part of our ongoing litter monitor campaign to take care of our Earth Home, our Year 5 litter monitors will continue to guide and educate our pupils on recycling and the use of correct bins for waste disposal.

The Head Boy and Head Girl for the 2017-2018 academic year are HAMZAH ABDELKHADER and NEBAL RABIE respectively. Our School Director, Madame Chantal Al Gharabally, congratulated all prefects and litter monitors on being elected, and wished them well on executing their duties.