Election of Student Council 2017-2018

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Election of the Student Council at Kuwait National English School

Kuwait National English School has long aimed to prepare students for life and citizenship. We encourage our pupils to be socially responsible and provide them with the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting the quality of life in the school and the organization of social activities. The student council stands as one of the means to this end, contributing to the attainment of this objective. The student council has the right to speak for the entire student body and to serve the needs of our students.

The composition of Kuwait National English School student council is made up of one representative from each class. This ensures communication between the students and the executive council. During Form time, through election by suffrage, class representatives and council member are elected. The official announcement of the election results and the award of official badges are made during a full school assembly in the Al Farabi Theatre. This academic year seven students sit on the executive council:

Head Boy - Bader Saab, Year 11

Head Girl - Lucy Lofting, Year 11

Prefect - Saleh Husain & Saifeldin Mohamed, Year 12

Deputy Head Boy - Qais Al Alami, Year 10

Deputy Head Girl - Retaj Al Shafei & Aivee Manzo, Year 10.


The representatives from each Year group are:

Year 7: Hachem Mohammed, Basheer B. Daboul & Hadi M. Bassal

Year 8: Sager Al Shatti, Nouha El Baroudi & Mohamed Jama

Year 9: Ali Chaouki & Waleed D. Al Halawah

Year 10: Lea Joe Al Hamod & Sirine Fares

Year 11: Fawzi Shtiwaiy

The members are keen to organize extracurricular activities such as non-uniform days, Tolerance and Remembrance day, Halloween party, Fun Day, Year Book, Educational Field Trips, Graduation ceremony, concerts, plays, sports days, or other events. The student council members are often invited to participate in revisions of the school regulations, development of the educational project and the improvement of student services (types of food in the cafeteria, library, amendment to the uniform etc.).

The election of members of the student council at Kuwait National English School is a learning exercise in democracy and in the vitalization of school life. The experience will stimulate the interest of our pupils in applying democratic principles.

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